Kick The Buddy: Second Kick 1.14.1502

Action Game – Relieve Your Stress in a Digital Playground

Has stress become an inevitable part of your daily life? Are you looking for an effective outlet to release pent-up frustration? If yes, then this action game has you covered. Kick the Buddy: Second Kick is a fun game in which you get to relieve some of the stress you are under by pummeling a rag doll named Buddy. It works as a digital stress-relief tool and provides immediate gratification through creative and explosive means. This game takes a simple yet effective approach to gameplay. The concept revolves around a customizable character, Buddy, who serves as your stress-relief punching bag. You have an arsenal of weapons and tools and your goal is to unleash your frustration on Buddy in the most creative and explosive ways possible.
Kick the Buddy
Kick the Buddy: Second Kick has slick gameplay. It boasts a vibrant and cartoonish art style that complements its stress-relief theme. The detailed animations of Buddy reacting to various attacks contribute to the overall immersion. You will find yourself in an interactive environment that provides a decent backdrop for unleashing chaos. The sound design in this action game plays a significant role in enhancing the stress-relief experience. From the satisfying crunch of a punch to the comical reactions of Buddy, the auditory feedback adds a layer of catharsis to the gameplay. The diverse range of sound effects for each weapon keeps the experience from feeling monotonous. This game’s controls are user-friendly, with intuitive tapping and dragging motions. Each weapon has its unique impact, and the physics engine adds an extra layer of realism.
Kick the Buddy
This action game offers a wide variety of weapons to you ranging from conventional items like guns and explosives to more unconventional options like a rubber chicken or a nuclear bomb. There are multiple categories of weapons available. Each weapon has a different price tag attached to it. Some of the weapons are offered for free while others need to be purchased before they can be used. For instance, the Beretta and the mace don’t cost you anything but the rest of the weapons cost either bucks or gold. The bucks are the primary in-game currency of this game and can be earned by knocking out Buddy. Gold is the premium currency and is harder to obtain. You can get it by watching video ads and from daily login rewards.
Kick the Buddy
Kick the Buddy: Second Kick succeeds in providing immediate, visceral satisfaction for stress relief. Its humor and over-the-top nature add an entertaining touch, making it accessible to a broad audience. The sheer variety of weapons and the ability to customize Buddy offer a level of personalization that keeps the experience engaging for short bursts of play. You can dress up Buddy in a variety of different helmets, glasses, masks, and t-shirts in this action game. Each of these items will cost either bucks or gold. You can also liven up the box that buddy lives in by adding thematic wallpapers to it. These decorations will cost bucks and gold too. You can add blood to the game if you want a more realistic experience but it will cost real money.


  • A wide range of weapons on offer
  • Unlock new weapons by spending bucks or gold
  • Hit buddy with weapons of your choice
  • Earn bucks for knocking out Buddy
  • Dress up Buddy in a variety of clothing items


Kick the Buddy: Second Kick is a game for people who want to blow off some steam. It lets you hit Buddy, your digital punching bag, with multiple types of weapons and items to vent your frustrations. It is an action game worth having on your phone if you are stressed out and want a way to release some of it.

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